Rabbit Travelogue: Central Region

Rabbit Travelogue: Central Region

タイトル:Rabbit Travelogue: Central Region (RTE001/Rabbit Travelogue Edition)
アーティスト:Edwin Lo

shotahiramaのファーストCDアルバム『Sad Vacation』にもフィールドレコーディストとして参加した香港在住のサウンドアーティストEdwin Lo。セルフレーベルより10年にリリースされたソロアルバムが入荷。40分以上にも及ぶノンミュージカルなフィールドレコーディングには香港島の壮絶な歴史とその悲壮感が佇んでいる。鈴木昭夫氏や故ロルフ・ユリウスとも親交のあった若き音響家の代表作。

Rehabilitation, demolition, collective memories, public spaces.....with no doubt, these words can be considered as most frequent words appearing in the discussion of urban planning in Hong Kong. Streets, spaces, the aura of daily life, landscape and soundscape are undergoing the rapid changes in recent years.

Behind these changes, what is the mechanism or ideology indeed? Taiwanese essayist and cultural critic, Lung Ying-tai, articulates the term “central value” which describes the domination and limitation of the perspective in observing Hong Kong as well as main and absolute value in determining the urban development of the city.

Wandering in different places or spaces and collection of soundscape in Central and Sheung Wan, what Rabbit Travelogue: Central Region is trying to articulate is to observe, correspond, questioning the central value by using sound and its archival and creative practice. By continuous recording and observation of the places around the areas, this project aims to portray different possibilities on understanding, constituting and examining the places where the artists had been over Central and Sheung Wan.

Through the attentive listening about places, events and happening of the areas, how do the artist and listeners go deeper in searching for the other side of certain memories and emotions confronting the central value?(レーベルインフォより)

track list:
1. Rabbit Travelogue: Central Region (46:45)

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